In August 2010 there was the Start-Up Mission between ifad & NGOPEE Foundation in Sierra Leone. IFAD Sierra Leone and the Ngopee Foundation is willing to explore ways to facilitate development-friendly  Initiatives that will improve community wellbeing and local livelihoods through sustainable management  environment. These initiatives will have a positive long term on the socio-economic development in the  countries. Majority of our youths and women are unemployed and grossly marginalized. This project aims at reversing a lot of these negative trends amongst the population of the youths and women for a sustainable empowerment. The development of any nation or community depends on youths and women that are considered as leaders of tomorrow. This project would therefore involve these categories of beneficiaries in the following areas.
  • Placement on key decision making bodies of the association
  • They would be capacitated through training in the areas of food processing and marketing and simple book keeping
  • Membership would be assured in the micro-finance activities (saving and loan scheme). These ventures would not only increase their knowledge but also their income generation power in the society.
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