slider NGOPEE FOUNDATION is a Social entrepreneurial  organization, founded in 2008 as a civil organization committed to promote social entrepreneurship and skill training. The foundation believes that it is one of the keys to empower people and move communities forward . The idea is to capture a unique approach to economic and social problems. This approach is grounded in values and processes common to each social entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter  whether his/ her area of focus has been education, health, human rights, workers' rights, environment, economic development, agriculture, etc., or whether the organizations concerns are non-profit or for-profit entities. The foundation also advocates   women’s rights, sustainable programs for rural areas with highest premium on women, young boys and girls.  Also NGOPEE is heavily involved in helping farmers in acquiring sustainable farming equipments and financing.  And also sensitize new ways to farm healthy produce and cattle. 5NGOPEE FOUNDATIONS has volunteers and members that professionals in their respective fields of operations. Especially community development, gender and conflict resolution and entrepreneurial development. Additionally, there are volunteers in all NGOPEE operational areas for civil social activities and humanitarian services. This allows the foundation to work effectively and efficiently in whatever area they deem necessary. And because of the people associated with it, the foundation also has the ability to transfer knowledge to those in need. We intend to expand on staff and provide staff support as a means of capacity building when funds are available. The organization is registered with all relevant government and other line ministries as part of its commitment to the legal frame work.